Training and Development


The Training and Development Dilemma


  • You don’t have money set aside for training
  • Everyone is too busy to make time for training
  • You are concerned that if you provide training for your employees they may leave
  • You realize that if you don’t provide training for your employees they may stay
  • You don’t have successors for key roles in your organization


Training and Development Solutions


Training & Development SolutionsThe Value Point works with you to identify skill gaps and provides training programs to close those gaps.  One of the best ways to avoid stagnant thinking and behaviors is to expose the people in your organization to new skills and points of view.  Your attitude toward training and development is one way you communicate your level of commitment to new recruits as well as existing employees.

A well trained employee is ultimately more productive, more flexible and requires less supervision.  The trained employee is going to have better problem solving skills and be better situated to positively impact the company’s bottom line by applying new processes and implementing innovative thinking.  The Value Point provides the following Training and Development solutions: 

Time Management / Organization – Companies are doing more with less these days.  The decisions we make with our time and resources directly impact our effectiveness.  This session takes a look at the “whole person” not just the “work person” because each impacts the other with the desired outcome being goal achievement and balance.

Managing Change – One thing every organization can count on is change.  How we manage change affects the direction of individual and collective careers as well as the overall success of the organization.  This session explores change management successes and pitfalls

Improving Profitability – Everyone is searching for ways to improve the bottom line.  This session is specifically geared toward shifting mindsets and exploring possibilities that raise your organization’s Value Point.

Achieve Recruiting Success – Managers with little or no training in how to recruit employees are frustrated with the results of their hires.  This session explores 22 different activities involved in the hiring process and gives managers the tools to recruit with confidence.  How does your company’s Value Point change if you improve your recruiting success by 20% – 60%?

Performance Management – Many times organizations find themselves working around people or situations.  Oftentimes managers are not sure how best to deal with a circumstance or perhaps a situation has gone on so long it is considered normal.  This hands on session deals with managing performance and giving positive and negative feedback. 

Engagement“I Don’t Want To Be Here – You Don’t Want To Be Here – So Now What?”  This session demonstrates how engagement and retention add value to an organization. You will leave with practical strategies to enhance employee engagement.

Business Analytics: Bringing Meaning to Metrics – All too often reports collect dust on shelves, find their way to the waste basket, or arrive in email inboxes only to be deleted without ever being opened.  In this session we explore how developing an “others” perspective, understanding and creating key performance indicators, and putting together dashboards change an organization’s Value Point.

Negotiation – The art and science of getting what you want when you want it.  This hands on session explores successful negotiation and conflict resolution skills.  Participants learn to generate positive outcomes without creating win – lose situations.

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