Talent Acquisition


The Talent Acquisition Dilemma


  • Organizations are in an ever increasing battle for quality talent
  • Great employees are difficult to find and even harder to keep
  • Record level unemployment and underemployment generate swarms of responses to job advertisements
  • Candidates are bringing discrimination suits against companies that never hired them or even interviewed them
  • Managers with little or no training in how to recruit employees are frustrated with the results of their hires


Talent Acquisition Solutions


Talent Acquisition SolutionsThe Value Point solves these critical issues by assisting you with your talent acquisition process.  We work with you to understand your needs and ensure that you are interviewing candidates that have the qualifications and competencies for your job openings and that fit the culture, character and values of your organization.  

So often the only training hiring managers have when recruiting new employees, stems from their own interview experiences.  The Value Point offers a comprehensive management training program on recruiting that explores twenty-two different activities in the hiring process.  We also work with you to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness and defensibility of your recruiting process. The Value Point offers the following Talent Acquisition solutions: 

  • Comprehensive Training on How to Achieve Recruiting Success
  • Evaluate and Enhance Recruiting Process
  • Advertise Open Positions
  • Screen Applicant Responses
  • Conduct Initial Interviews
  • Employment Testing
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Drug Testing 

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