Mergers & Acquisitions


The M&A Dilemma


  • Between 60% and 80% of acquisitions fail to add value
  • Acquisitions fail due to poor change management
  • Acquisitions fail due to unasked questions
  • Acquisitions fail due to flawed communication strategies
  • Acquisitions fail due to poor assessment of key employees
  • Acquisitions fail due to unresolved cultural differences


Merger and Acquisition Solutions


Acquisition StrategyThe Value Point looks at the Human Capital side of the M&A transaction.  We provide unfiltered feedback surrounding the issues and opportunities of a potential transaction so that many of the personnel causes of acquisition failure can be circumvented.  We ask the tough questions and try to help companies avoid the tendency to sweep issues under the rug. 

Acquisitions by their very nature are filled with challenges and hidden land mines.  The key to a successful transaction is not acting as if the challenges don’t exist but rather identifying and resolving open issues.  The Value Point brings clarity and structure to these conversations through the Merger and Acquisition solutions listed below. 

  • Organizational/cultural assessment of “Old Co” and “New Co”
  • Develop employee communication strategies
  • Facilitate talent retention and engagement strategies
  • Establish performance metrics
  • Create/Update “New Co” policies
  • Outplacement training for employees not transferring to “New Co”

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