Employee Benefits


The Employee Benefit Dilemma


  • Your benefit package isn’t designed to attract and retain quality talent
  • You don’t have the time to explore and understand your benefit alternatives based on the budget dollars you have available
  • Your employees have no idea the true value of the benefits they receive
  • You hear about Health Care Reform but don’t really know how it impacts you
  • You don’t know how your benefits compare to others in the industry
  • You don’t take advantage of free benefits available to you and your employees
  • You have no idea that you are a plan sponsor, plan administrator, and plan fiduciary or what those obligations entail


Employee Benefit Solutions


Employee Benefit SolutionsThe Value Point understands all the frustrations involved in managing employee benefits.  We use our knowledge and creativity to help you explore alternatives that match the size and shape of your organization.  We help you prioritize your benefit spending to match your goals.  We also work with you to establish processes so that you understand and execute your role as plan sponsor, administrator, and fiduciary. 

Another major advantage we bring is employee communication.  Your people will only celebrate what they understand.  Having a Certified HR Professional explain your benefits in a way that generates comprehension, enthusiasm and excitement among your workforce will have a terrific impact on employee morale.  Remember the structure of your benefit package is critical to attracting and retaining top talent. The Value Point provides the following Employee Benefit solutions:

  • Benefit Planning, Design and Analysis
  • Provider Coordination and Review
  • Open Enrollment Administration
  • Analyze Industry Benchmarks
  • Compensation and Benefit Statements
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Beneficiary Review

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