The Value Point offers human capital solutions to assist companies in several key areas of  business including: 


Training and Development

One of the best ways to avoid stagnant thinking and behaviors is to expose the people in your organization to new skills and points of view. The trained employee is going to be better situated to positively impact your bottom line by applying problem solving skills and innovative thinking. (learn more)

Engagement Strategy 

Secure your competitive edge by becoming an employer of choice. Companies with an engaged workforce experience tremendous advantages in employee and customer loyalty, profitability, and productivity over their competitors. (learn more)

Performance Management

Don’t work around circumstances. Maximize your organization’s profitability and effectiveness by making the connections between job performance and organizational objectives and strategies. (learn more)

Risk and Compliance Management

Why allow a lack of internal expertise or knowledge of labor law to put your personal and business assets at risk? Reduce the likelihood of a critical failure and improve the integrity of your organization and its processes. (learn more)

Employee Benefits

The structure of your benefit package is fundamental to attracting and retaining top talent. Let us use our knowledge and creativity to explore alternatives and prioritize your benefit spending to match your business goals. (learn more)

Talent Acquisition

Get candidates that have the qualifications and competencies for your job openings as well as the fit for the culture, character, and values of your organization. Allow us to evaluate and enhance the defensibility of your recruiting process. (learn more)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisitions by their very nature are filled with challenges and hidden land mines. The key to a successful transaction is not acting as if the challenges don’t exist but rather identifying and resolving open issues. Let us bring clarity and structure to these conversations. (learn more)

Get the professional expertise for the Solutions you need, without the full-time cost. The Value Point brings you the knowledge, skills and experience to advance your business and maximize its value!


Lisa Pethtel


Lisa Pethtel is president of The Value Point. She brings more than twenty-five years of experience in senior financial and human resource roles from a wide variety of industries....

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