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Human Capital SolutionsHuman capital tends to be one of the largest but least managed assets in an organization. Many companies view human capital as an expense rather than an asset. The Value Point is committed to helping business owners and management teams maximize company value through Human Resource Outsourcing.

A major differentiating factor between a good organization and a great organization is its employees, culture and management.  Yet many companies are simply not large enough or do not have the work flow demand to justify the cost of internal HR staff.  Other businesses have a great internal HR staff but need additional support with critical projects or deadlines.

By adding us to your team and applying our solutions based approach to your real world issues you will:

  • Experience improved profitability and a competitive advantage through employee engagement
  • Connect employee performance to business outcomes
  • Improve risk and compliance management and decrease the likelihood of a costly process failure
  • Develop a benefit strategy that matches your budget
  • Obtain qualified candidates for job openings that also fit the culture, character, and values of your organization
  • Access training programs designed to increase the effectiveness of your workforce

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Lisa Pethtel


Lisa Pethtel is president of The Value Point. She brings more than twenty-five years of experience in senior financial and human resource roles from a wide variety of industries....

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